Why Sublimation printing image get blurred?

Without a doubt, one of the biggest apparel trends of these few years (which is already in full swing) is sublimation, or all-over printing. Sublimation is a technique that has recently become available on most of textile printing industry, and it’s high time you implement it to your business. This is a trend that has exploded over the past few years, and promises to only get bigger. 
Digital sublimation printing machine to print the picture made a lot of users feel distressed, what is the cause of this phenomenon, how to solve it? Digital printing machine to print out the picture What is the reason for the virtual? Usually, the digital printing machine to play the virtual reality is mainly caused by the following reasons.
1, the use of poor quality sublimation ink, in this case even if the printed image is not blurred it is difficult to print out the perfect picture, it is recommended to use the original digital printing machine manufacturers ink.
2, nozzle blockage caused by the digital printing machine virtual map, this time need to clean the nozzle. 
3, the working environment temperature change is caused by digital printing machine blurring a common factor, so be sure to give digital printing machine to provide a suitable working environment, to avoid the working environment temperature is too high or too low.
4, ink viscosity has changed, in the digital printing machine should be deployed before the deployment of good ink viscosity.
5, if the ink tube or ink cartridge in the bubble, it is also easy to cause abnormal map, so pay attention to more observation, once the abnormal should immediately stop printing.
When doing a sublimation print, only the polyester yarns in a garment will hold the ink, which leads a lot of people often think sublimation only can only be done on items that are 100% polyester. However, we’ve seen customers get great results on our poly-blends! When you do a sublimation print on a shirt that is not 100% poly, you’ll get a print that looks vintage or distressed—which is very popular right now. Keep in mind that sublimation inks are transparent, which means that it’s best to print on white or light colored substrates so your image is transferred properly. 
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