How to use sublimation heat transfer machine?

First of all, Roll to roll heat transfer is a new method of printing patterns onto a variety of materials, and this method is popular with many manufacturers, it can be a good print a variety of patterns, and the effect is very good. Of course, it is very suitable for the production of a small variety of personalized products, such as a lot of social groups and so they need to print their own cultural shirt, so that printing can meet their needs. So for the production business, the thermal transfer machine is very suitable.
Second, heat transfer printing works by passing the pattern through inkjet printer on the sublimation transfer paper, and then using heat transfer machine, and through the high temperature and pressure to accurately transfer the picture to the goods or Is the surface of the clothes, so simple to complete the printing of goods. So the work of thermal transfer machine is very simple and convenient, and the printed pattern is also very good, fully able to meet the needs of different groups. Whether it is high consumer groups, or ordinary people, they will buy thermal transfer printing products. Of course, for businesses, you can maximize the possession of the market.
This is the working principle of thermal transfer machine, convenient and quick, can quickly complete the printing of commodity patterns. Easy to operate, not only good quality printing, and will not affect the material of the goods. This is why businesses use thermal transfer machines for printing.
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