Benefits Of Sensient ElvaJet Punch Ink

ElvaJet® Punch is the sublimation ink to take your printing to the next level. Based on high performance materials, ElvaJet Punch delivers the best in color strength and application performance whilst maintaining the quality in printing and consistency in production that is hallmark of all Sensient products.  
As world leading color strength, How does Elvajet ink produce prints that pop with vibrancy?
  • Outstanding printing performance in all Epson DX and TFP systems
  • Reduced consumption of ink, water and energy
  • Excellent print durability
  • Suitable for direct printing with low bleed and excellent print-through
  • Optimal ink release from suitable transfer papers
ElvaJet Punch series has been tested on the most frequently used printers equipped with any Epson printhead. The suitability of the inks for individual systems and applications should be validated by the user.
If the inks dry in the nozzles, the normal cleaning procedure built into the printer should be applied. We recommend using our specific cleaning solution.
For optimal printing, the relative humidity rate must be kept at 55% or higher and the ambient temperature should be around 20°C (70°F).
ElvaJet Punch inks are designed for direct printing or for transfer to the substrate via any type of sublimation transfer paper or film. If using the transfer method, once printed, the transfer paper should be handled with care and the ink transferred to the fabric as soon as possible after printing. 
To obtain a good color transfer and fixing, the printed substrate should be transferred at 210°C (410°F) for 30s.
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