Do you need a rip software for your inkjet printer?

Will a RIP make your colors brighter and improve your image quality? Is it really necessary to run your printer with a RIP? Can’t you achieve the same results simply by using the included print driver?
RIPs can make a significant impact on your color management workflow.
Along with Linearization, most RIP programs give you the ability to create your own ICC profiles without needing additional software.
While this can be accomplished using the standard printer driver, you have many more options and control through a RIP.
Most standard print drivers force you to choose an existing media type that is already installed in the driver.
You have little control adjusting the ink capacity (maximum amount of ink a particular media can hold without pooling), and have no control over linearizing a particular type of media.
With a RIP, you are creating the media type and storing it in the RIP by entering the name of the media you are using.
This process is also useful if you have 2 or more of the same printer model. You can essentially create a profile on 1 printer and simply copy it over to the next printer.
If you are using 2 or more printers and each printer is a different model, you are still able to get accurate color prints with the profiling process in the RIP. This is especially useful if you have aqueous and solvent printers.
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