How to prolong our printer's print heads' lifetime?

Print heads are very sophisticated parts of the sublimation printing machine, like a major control center, the most important. So can not easily damaged, if broken, then the whole printer is unable to work. Therefore, the maintenance of the nozzle is very important.
We must know that the environment is good for the camera nozzle nozzle maintenance there are some benefits. Specifically, the pictorial jet head to adapt to the appropriate environment in order to play its best function. If the working conditions or working environment does not meet the requirements of the nozzle, then, in this case, do not terminate the use of pictorial nozzle, its life will be greatly reduced.
Therefore, we must strictly understand the printer in the end to adapt to what kind of environment.
1, you must keep the printing machine in the relative temperature of 20-30 degrees Celsius between the workplace, so the best place to work with the best machine to configure the thermometer and air conditioning and other settings;
2, with the same temperature, must be maintained at the relative humidity: 40% -70%, so the same workplace to be equipped with a hygrometer and humidifier, etc.;
3, printer work room best to clean and clean, without isolation from the closed facade room, we do not recommend the use of printer, when necessary, you can prepare the dust collector;
4, the inkjet printer to be reliable and effective grounding wire to prevent static electricity. Many times because there is no ground caused a lot of accidents occurred, resulting in heavy lose.
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