How to print high quality printing result on sublimation paper?

Sublimation transfer paper manufacturer tells you in the printing process, the print environment is also printed on the requirements of the environment will affect the degree of the effectiveness of printing. If you want to print the perfect print effect must ensure that the printing conditions are good, then the print environment should be how to keep it.
Thermal transfer paper manufacturers in the case of too much air to print out the paper is very soft, too soft paper when the collection will be very easy to wrinkle, of course, there are still remedial methods can be separated Remove the small spring of the pickup roller so that the pressing force can be reduced to avoid the presence of the paper wrinkling phenomenon, and the printing paper can be relatively flat.
When the ambient air humidity is very large, the original paper transfer paper will be due to uneven water absorption caused by the left and right sides of the elongation is not the same, in the case of different elongation is very easy to cause arch Friction nozzle caused by the failure of the air wetness will reduce the printing paper drying speed, so the printing environment is best in the air temperature and humidity is relatively smooth in the case of printing, so print out the effect is excellent.
Before printing to determine the print side of the print, the outward side of the roll is the printing surface of the transfer paper, with your fingers stained with water, respectively, two sides of sublimation transfer paper can determine the print surface, and more bright creamy sense of comparison The strong side is the print side.
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