What difference between sublimation coating paper and normal paper?

There are many people inquiry whether normal paper can be used for sublimation printing? what’s different between normal paper with sublimation paper. 
The production process of Dye Sublimation Transfer  paper is similar to a digital color inkjet proofing system in which the computer designs thermal transfer text, photographs, etc., to be processed using digital inkjet printers on base paper, digital inkjet printers in yellow, magenta , Cyan and black four independent cartridges, so the base paper can play monochrome images, you can also play color images. Inkjet printers save the plate making process, reduce production costs, and make the heat transfer process more simple and convenient.
Sublimation paper have special coating on surface . The coating can make sure ink have good acceptance of ink . Meanwhile it can make sure the ink wont permeate into paper . If the ink permeate into paper, it will waste much of ink. Furthermore , the coating can increase transfer rate .
The body paper of sublimation paper are very special. It have good flexibility and anti-curve feature. It can guarantee the paper wont touch the print head when ink print on the paper .
Normal paper have not coating on the surface. It will waste your much ink . And the flexibility of paper is poor. If you ink print on the normal paper, it will damage your print head.  
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