Why choose ORIC sublimation printer with Epson 5113 print heads?

Since ORIC sublimation printer with 5113 print heads launched, it attract high attentions, 5113 nozzle high-speed high-precision printers in inkjet printing applications, make it more and more popular in the market.
Epson 5113 printhead, a high-speed printing industrial nozzle, print with high speed industrial applications, to meet the needs of the rapid delivery orders now. On the inkjet printing market can be described as a revolutionary impact on the majority of advertisers there is a very big temptation. Today's domestic and international inkjet printing market, domestic photo machine rapid development environment, affordable prices, new technology applications, domestic brand photo machine value of the more cost-effective. At the same time, in the major international industry exhibition debut of the 5113 printer, by the viewers highly praised. 5113 printer in the Epson 5113 nozzle applications, to achieve a high-speed inkjet printing, the maximum print speed of up to 70 square meters per hour, to achieve the accuracy and speed of a perfect combination of the new height. 
In addition, the 5113 nozzle can achieve higher print accuracy features, its biggest advantage is the speed of printing fast, print accuracy can reach 3200dpi, from the nozzle structure, 5113 nozzle for the 1.3-inch nozzle, than the traditional DX5, DX7 nozzle , The number of nozzles more than twice, making the inkjet image color value is more uniform; nozzle width of more than 30% of the width, making the inkjet color gamut increased, the ink can be more smooth printing; single nozzle speed of up to 40 square , Even faster; dual-print head printing applications can be achieved more than 50 square, such a high-speed high-precision inkjet printing, for the pictorial inkjet printing industry can be described as a revolutionary speed. At the same time, Epson 5113 nozzle so high-speed high-precision high-efficiency inkjet printing, time and labor costs is also very ideal; such as ORIC sublimation machine with 5113 printheads in heat transfer printing, data printing applications, Machine performance and stability, double nozzle print speed, high precision, greatly improving the efficiency of inkjet production.
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