Why print heads is easy to get damaged?

Print heads damage can not be avoided, because the long use, as well as a long time without maintenance and improper use, the most important thing is to find the cause of the nozzle damage, and the most appropriate way to avoid too much use of the wrong method will Quick damage to sublimation inkjet printer.

In the case of external voltage is not stable and the voltage is too high, the picture machine nozzle to continue to print will have a great impact on the nozzle, and even very easy to cause the machine burned and the nozzle does not identify the print. The quality of the ink is also a direct impact on the use of the nozzle, the ink which contains a lot of chemical into the fly, if the ink is not clear enough and the filter is not fine, high viscosity is likely to cause damage to the nozzle. 
In addition to the consumables is relatively easy to cause damage to the nozzle directly in the operation of the operator should also be handled properly due to some paper and other media Alice, in the printing process is easy to scratch the bottom of the print head metal hole, causing printing head of the spray hole is damaged, and thus can not be used normally. The operation of the operator to the regular operation of the clean water on the inkjet print head to clean, to avoid too much impurities and ink caused by the ink head of the plug, if the bottom of the nozzle accumulated too much ink, it will be easy Will print the spray hole blocked, you can print the nozzle in the warm water to clean out.
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