What is Banding in sublimation printing and how to avoid it?

Have you ever had the colors on your finished sublimated product come out wrong? Do you know what ghosting is and what causes it? Can humidity affect quality? Is all polyester apparel created equally? Though sublimation is a fairly simple process, problems can happen. The key to avoiding quality issues is in knowing what causes them so you can steer clear of potential disaster.
Today, we will introduce what's Banding in sublimation printing and how to avoid this problem.

Like it or not, ink dries out over time. if this happens inside the print heads, then obviously the flow of ink will be inhibited, which results in streaks of missing ink on the printout, then banding appears.
As long as you are printing on a regular basis---at least several times per week, the ink will not have an opportunity to dry out. but for a long stretches of time with no printer activity, you could have issues.

The simplest way to deal with this is to run a small quantity of ink through the heads on a routine basis, by using the head cleaning function of your printer. In the case of Virtuoso and Ricoh printers, this is done for you automatically, as long as you leave the printer powered up. However, for Epson SC F-series printers you will need to perform a manual head cleaning every few days, which means pushing a button.
For those of you who have a short term memory, there are some software programs available that will prompt your printer to perform a head cleaning at specified intervals. You set it up and it does the work as long as you leave everything powered up!
Banding has some other causes besides just clogged heads, such as running out of ink. Before you start going crazy with troubleshooting, make sure you still have plenty of ink in your system.
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