Some famous brands of sublimation printers for nowadays digital printing world

In contemporary era, with the rapid demanding of textile printing, traditional printing, screen printing,offset printing, these complex printing technology are replaced by various digital printing, such as DTG, dye sublimation heat transfer printing, especially dye sublimation inkjet printing, it's high-efficient,convenient, cost-effective and high quality popular digital printing technology.During sublimation process, we need: sublimation inkjet printer, sublimation ink, sublimation paper and heat transfer machine.

Today, we will introduce some famous sublimation inkjet printers' brands to you, this is our accumulated experience from our customer.i conclude them, such as Epson(Not every Epson printer is sublimation inkjet printer, just Epson F-series), Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh, Ricoh, D-GEN, MS-JP, Reggiani, DGI.

First, according to printing speed, i think sublimation inkjet printer should be divided into two kinds, high speed and relative low speed inkjet printer.Among that, MS, Reggiani, DGI,D-GEN are high speed inkjet printers, so for these printers, they usually use jumbo roll size sublimation paper(nomally >=2000m/roll) rather than small roll paper(regularly 100m,200m/roll ) for low speed inkjet printer.

Second, based on inkjet printers' width, we can divided it into wide format sublimation printer and the other one which width is not wide enough. as we all know, printing machine's width decides its sublimation paper width. so far, the widest inkjet printer is up to 3.2m, normally, printing machine width up to 1.8m,we call it wide format inkjet printer.Relatively, less than 1.8m printer,such as Epson/Roland/Mutoh etc.
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