Does every sublimation printing customers know how to manufacture sublimation paper?

We all know sublimation transfer paper is consumable product during sublimation digital printing, it's just as a medium to heat transfer images from paper onto fabric.
In today's sublimation printing market, there are many different sublimation paper, good or bad quality, expensive or cheap sublimation paper, thin or thick sublimation paper, so how to judge sublimation paper's quality is very important.Besides, we can see its quality from its production materials. many customers perhaps don't know how does sublimation paper product. today, i will introduce you how to manufacture sublimation paper in our own factory---Fei Yue Paper Inc.

First, for its production method, mainly there are two ways: Chemical pulping & Mechanical pulping.
We all know there are two factors deciding sublimation paper quality,Base paper and coating layer.mainly we manufacture paper by four methods, Mechanical pulp, chemical pulp, softwood pulp, hardwood pulp, these pulps are made by raw materials like Pine, cypress, white birch, poplar. Fei Yue Paper Inc. sublimation paper adopt imported pulp, this is one reason why our paper is a little bit expensive than other paper, some of cheaper sublimation use recycling pulp.

Second, coating layer decides sublimation paper transfer rate. coating layer thickness should be equal.then Keep the oven temperature does not exceed 120 degrees Celsius.

Third, Cutting slitting.usually we have small roll regular length 100m, Jumbo roll 5000m, in generally, we manufacture paper as customers' demanding.

Finally, Packaging. we usually find sublimation paper is packaged by black bag, prevent paper from Oxidation,UV. we use round plug to fix paper and cut off air.we always find core has 2" 3" two kinds, 2" core is just suitable for Epson inkjet printers.
Of course, as a professional sublimation paper manufacturer, we also need international certification to ensure our product quality, such as CE, ISO etc.
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