How to solve sublimation patches white line during printing?

One of the most common inkjet printer faults is white lines showing up on your prints. This problem looks like someone has spilt Tip-Ex over your documents and isn’t the kind of thing you showing up on presentation handouts or school essays.

1) Run the clean program on your printer
White lines will typically start appearing on your print outs due to a clogged up printer head.
Your first port of call when solving this problem is to run the cleaning program on your printer, which should be accessible through its settings menu.
Can’t find the settings menu? Try looking in the ‘devices and printers’ options on your computer or, if your printer has a front-facing LCD screen, you should be able access the option through here.
After running the cleaning cycle, test whether it has worked by printing out favorite piece of GCSE coursework or a few cherished family photos.
Running repeat cleaning cycles one after the other is to be avoided, as this will only further clog the printer head with sublimation ink.

2) Remove the ink cartridge for cleaning yourself
If the cleaning program was unsuccessful, don’t panic. What this does mean is that you’ll need to check the printer cartridges themselves for any damage.
Open up the print cartridge door on your printer and carefully remove the cartridges one by one while looking for cracks or leaks.
If you spot any serious cracks or faults with a cartridge, you’re going to have to buy a new one. To avoid this being a huge drain on your wallet, we’ve created a guide to who sells the cheapest printer ink.
With any luck, your cartridge will only be suffering from a dried ink blockage. In this case, gently clean the head of the cartridge with a cloth to get rid of any stray globules of ink; a cotton bud will also do the job.
While you’ve got your marigolds on, check the inside of your printer for ink spillages and be sure to clean those too. This will help with to avoid any smudges when printing in the future.
Once this is all over, run a cleaning cycle on your printer and try checking the results with a few test pages.
Hopefully this spells salvation for your formerly clogged up printer. If not, get in touch with its manufacturer fro extra assistance.

3) Extra tips for fixing your printer
If your prints are looking faded, instead of suffering from white lines, it may be time to replace your ink cartridges. The less ink there is to print with the more likely your prints are to be lacking in color.

To remove blur from your photos or recalibrate the exposure and contrast of your prints, check your computer’s printer settings where you’ll be able to make the adjustment.
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