Sublimation transfer paper using technology---Transfer paper storage

Firstly, let's talk about the composition of sublimation paper. the top layer is coating layer which is used to absorb sublimation ink and separate ink from paper.the middle layer is base paper, and the ground layer is anti-curl coating layer.

Our company has been trying our best to improve the print performance of sublimation inkjet paper from raw materials choosing to the coating line.
Sublimation Inkjet transfer paper using method introduction:
Transfer paper storage.
a) when the customer received the transfer paper, firstly they should check whether products has been damaged during transportation:
① check sublimation transfer paper and plastic bags packaging cartons moisture.
② boxes severely deformed, flattened rolls.
③ packaging cartons perforation, puncture transfer paper, etc., which all may affect the ink-jet printing.
b) Shelf Life of inkjet sublimation transfer paper is seven months.

c) Sublimation transfer paper should be placed away from direct sunlight, keep it in a cool dry place, such as can be placed in air-conditioned room with a constant temperature and humidity better. Ideal storage conditions are a relative humidity of 40-70% RH, temperature 10-30 ℃, horizontal stacked on pallets, in order to avoid moisture. Stacked as a pyramid shape, or stacked according to size wide apart, stacked layers should not exceed the limits of the outer carton label, usually not more than 5 layers.

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