How to refill Epson original ink to ink cartridge?

At nowadays market,More and more customers use Epson printer, but Epson digital printers, different from other inkjet printers,it's more precise. such as we can see from its ink chip,normal inkjet printer doesn't have chip, but Epson F-series inkjet printers have,which improve its exactness.

Considering ink cartridge price rising, many sublimation printing end-users choose buy Epson original ink with ink chip to refill ink cartridge, rather than buy a new ink cartridge.
Generally, several users started to resort to alternative solutions, such as the purchase of similar cartridges (cartridges manufactured by a manufacturer other than the original one, but compatible with the printer), refilled cartridges (used original cartridges, reloaded with new ink) or refilling Epson cartridges themselves, in a process that consists of manually reloading the cartridge with new ink. That last procedure is the cheapest one, and offers the greatest economy possible for the user, as long as it is done correctly.

Actually refilling ink to ink cartridge is easy, but for Epson inkjet printers, we should reset ink chip firstly, then refill cartridge, Epson ink chip is very important for printer, because the printer cannot work without ink chip.
let's see a video about how to refill Epson ink to cartridge.
Fei Yue Paper Inc. is specialized in manufacturing sublimation paper for different inkjet printers, like Epson/Mimaki/Roland/Mutoh/Reggiani/DGI/D-gen etc. but for meeting demanding of our customers, now, we can supply Epson original ink with ink chip for user.
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