Chinese Traditional blue-and-white porcelain pattern for dye sublimation printing

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When i firstly saw blue-and-white porcelain, the impression it give s me is that the pattern is beautiful, and it full of classic and elegant temperament. Nowadays,blue-and-white porcelain pattern not only occur in China, but also applied in fashion apparels,it obviously becomes a fashion trend. 
In ancient China, at that moment, printing technology didn't developed, people usually use embroidery this traditional technology to stitch porcelain blue and white pattern, so it's very experience for people.This is our Mama Peng. she looks very elegant and noble with porcelain blue and white dress.
Nowadays, with the development of different digital printing methods,porcelain blue and white pattern is wide applicated in garment, especially in fashion.many designers put it into their designing with advanced dye sublimation printing technology, and the responding is very good.
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Dye sublimation printing make the world more and more colorful and beautiful.
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