Sublimation transfer paper using technology---sublimation paper printing

What we should pay more attention during sublimation inkjet printing?
When transfer printing, we should ensure printing environment humidity between 45%~70% RH. if the air is too dry, heat transfer paper is easy to wrap, and then make paper not smooth, damage print heads.if the air is too wet which can make sublimation paper not fast dry. so steady printing environment can make sure good quality inkjet printing.

Furthermore, placed in the transfer paper to the printer when you want to take a good fine cloth gloves, to prevent the transfer paper surface is dirty fingerprints.

Besides, we should confirm which side of sublimation paper should be printed? our sublimation paper has perfect coating, generally use your finger dip in water and touch paper, the sticky side is print side.

In the print side of the winding side of the case, according to the amount of ink printed patterns, open the printer's heater and set the appropriate temperature, air-dried or open an external device. To ensure that the process will not rolling back of the stain in order to avoid damage printing pattern.

After we print on paper with inkjet printer, another question occurs that how can we deal with these printed paper? some tips as blow:
a) Printed transfer paper, try to do rolling storage.
b) Printed transfer paper,put into plastic bags loosely, and don't tie it, let sublimation ink fast dry.
c) Printed transfer paper is best stored in low humidity environment (humidity ≤55% RH; temperature 15-30 ℃), which benefits to evaporate water.
d) Printed transfer paper, generally should be heat transferred after one hour later, let it dry before you can go to the transfer, if the transfer went without drying, the paper water turns to vapor at high temperatures which can interfere with the effect of the transfer, so that there is mist, color and so on.(If the print immediately after the transfer will result in the transfer rate.)

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