What's The New development of KIIAN Hi-Pro?

A recent innovation within digital textile transfer printing is the possibility of indirect sublimation printing onto low-coated or uncoated papers. This introduces new possibilities for textile printers, who previously only had 2 options of printing indirect transfer onto coated papers, or to use direct sublimation printing. The fact is that if you are able to sublimation print on lower grade, uncoated paper, you can now achieve high productivity at reduced cost, without compromising quality. And this is now possible with the introduction of next generation inks.
Sublimation printing onto coated papers is already an established process for indirect digital textile printing, and for sublimation ink technology itself, this is based on the property of dyestuff. 
The application of the ink is made by inkjet printing with piezo technology, onto sublimation paper. Traditionally the paper must be coated in order for the ink to adhere properly during the sublimation process. This is followed by drying, coupling with the substrate, which the colored effect has to be adhered by the hot transferring of the color, by calendar or flat press, at a temperature range of 180 to 220°C, for between 30 and 180”.
With the introduction of next generation inks, such as KIIAN DIGISTAR HI-PRO - more choice is given to the printer who may now print on uncoated, lower cost papers that have a much lower weight (g/m2) than the traditional coated papers.           
The use of the uncoated, lower cost papers with new inks such as DIGISTAR HI-PRO significantly reduces production costs (that are meant as the sum of the cost of the ink and the cost of the paper) of about 30-40%. Only sublimation inks with a particular formulation enable the use of this kind of paper. These inks have to be formulated, so that they have a higher color power than the standard ones, being able to assure a bright chromatic effect, by “opposing” the paper absorption, caused by the lack of coating. At the same time, they have to dry quickly on the paper – whilst remaining stable during printing - so that they can enable high productivity. 
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