What's advantages of Continuous ink supply system?

Normally do photo porcelain like porcelain, digital computer due to using sublimation transfer ink, leave the continuous ink, is very difficult to use even for a lot of related problems, now simple explanation, to provide reference for the friends; Continuous ink system was used continuous ink is just for one reason - to save money. This is indeed true, using continuous ink can indeed reduce the cost of many materials.
Using the principle of continuous ink through the sublimation machine catheter connect the ink bottle and ink cartridge, use of atmospheric pressure will continuous pouring into the cartridge and ink for printing. According to the structure of the classification of continuous ink system is mainly composed of three parts, respectively is to print cartridges, ink and ink the catheter. Print cartridges is original cartridges, in order to ensure the quality of printing reduce fault, continuous ink usually adopts the carrier of original made print cartridges to be modified.
Ink cartridges: original cartridges contain sponge, ink contains impurities can be a good filtering effect, but the ink absorption of the sponge print bolt failure. Now also appeared in the market without modification of the sponge cartridges. This kind of ink cartridge although there is no sponge, it is not easy to appear thermal transfer printing machine break line fault, but its about web filtering area is small, the filterability of the impurity is poorer, easy to cause the nozzle block. 
The ink bottle: the ink bottle is a device which provide even for the ink. From the ink bottle by catheter sending ink to print cartridges. The ink bottle are usually adopts bottle shape appearance and structure of constant pressure. This is mainly because the design of the ink bottle easy to repeatedly fill and low use cost.

Ink duct: ink duct is connected to the thermal transfer printing ink and the ink bottle line. Including line accessories, such as pipe clamp, line CARDS, etc. Go line components were developed to facilitate the line and a fixed line, usually with little damage to the printer itself structure for wiring. 
We should pay attention to is: in the shutdown state to remove old cartridges and replace the new cartridges. Replace the cartridge, heat transfer machine will be to fill ink ink transfer system, and the process in the shutdown state will not be able to undertake, makes the hot stamping machine can't detect reinstall ink cartridges. At the same time, some of the heat transfer machine for the measurement of the ink capacity is the use of thermal transfer machine internal electronic counter to count, especially on the usage statistics of color ink, when the counter reaches a certain value, the thermal transfer machine run out of ink.
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