How to solve Sublimation “Ghosting” and Shrinking issues?

There are two main types of sublimation paper in the market now, the “high-speed”(in China we call it “quick-dry” or “fast-dry”), and the “Tacky” (Sticky)sublimation paper.
You could find many descriptions and instructions about the high-speed sublimation paper, but the tacky sublimation paper, you could only find the result that it is used to prevent the transfer from ghosting, especially used for elastic(stretch)textile. Because the information you could find is too little, so some clients are confused about whether choose the high-speed sublimation transfer paper ,or the tacky paper.
Today we are going to talk about the tacky sublimation paper completely, hope this article will help you a lot of knowing the advantages and disadvantages about it.
Ghosting is a double image in sublimation transfer. After the sublimation transfer is finished, if you see a light shadow in your result, that is ghosting.
When getting a double-image doing sublimation printing, there are several causes for this, however this is always occurring at the end of the printing cycle. When the press opens, the transfer paper moves, or the fabric moves/shrinks, or more likely the fabric shrinks and contracts and the paper is still sublimating and printing its inks, even after the press opens. This happens a lot more with short pressing times, versus longer pressing times (that get more ink out of the paper).
First issue: The fabric is Moving/shrinking after the press opens up. The transfer continues to send inks onto the fabric, in a different spot. Thus the double-image / Ghosting effect.
Solution: Extend your pressing times longer. This will get more ink off the transfer paper, and there will be less ghosting effect. Do a pressing at 70 seconds, and take note of the results. also try pre-pressing the shirt (in-between cover sheets of craft/newsprint) and then do the transfer.
Pre-pressing all the moisture out and pre-shrinking the shirt is also a huge help.
Second issue: The transfer paper is moving. As the press opens, the paper can “float” and land in a new position and continue to sublimate.

Solution: Tacky paper tends to be the ideal solution for paper shifting, as well as Fabric Shrinkage. Sublimation Tacky Paper keeps everything in place, the paper doesn’t move, the shirt doesn’t shrink and move under the paper – everything stays together. 
Sticky Sublimation Transfer Paper, professional for high-grade elastic fabric, can effectively solve the transfer printing due to the transfer of fabric and transfer paper ghosting, deformation and other issues. With the same quality of international paper, has a longer shelf life, lower prices. 
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