Premium Epson original ink refill packs for textile sublimation printing

The sublimation process is simple and cost-effective. However, before you do any actions, you need to consider many aspects of sublimation related conditions such as availability of heat transfer papers, fabric selection and graphics that can change your course of desired production. We will find the best way you can finish up your project with the right plans and techniques. Please let us know what your objective in the dye sublimation process is.
As we all know, Epson printer is more and more popular in the whole world for its accuracy. but different from other brand inkjet printers, Epson printer has to use its original ink with ink chip, so Epson Ultra Chrome DS ink is Epson original sublimation ink for Epson SureColor f-series sublimation printers.
Epson original sublimation ink only suits for Epson F-series inkjet sublimation printer, suitable for polyester, polyammid(Lycra, Nylon) fabric, etc
Featuring a new High Density Black ink, the Epson UltraChrome DS ink set delivers rich blacks, extraordinary color saturation and high color contrast for superior overall image quality. Designed exclusively for the SureColor F-series printers, ensuring print head reliability and high productivity.

Epson printers are designed to be used exclusively with Epson genuine inks, not any other brands of inks or cartridges, and you can have this genuine Epson ink technology with a full printer warranty and support for about the same cost-per-ml as typical third-party solutions.
* fastness can reach 4-5 degrees, and also be suitable for baby clothes.
* it passes Oeko-Tex Standard 100, GB250-1995, GB251-1995 etc standards.
* If use Epson original sublimation ink, the printer with one year guarantee, including the print heads and all ink related system.
* When you use Epson original sublimation ink, it can save 30% ink cost compare with other brand ink, because Epson original sublimation ink with high density.
* If you use Epson original sublimation ink, it can protect the print heads, and make the print heads with long life time.
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