What should sublimation transfer paper pay attention in use?

Dye sublimation is a printing process that uses heat transfer sublimation ink onto fabrics with sublimation paper. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics are the most common types of fabrics used in dye sublimation. But, it can also be used to transfer dye onto plastics and papers as well.
Printing on fabrics is becoming increasingly popular because it is a great and easy way to enhance any environment whether it be the interior of your office, signage at stores, your display at trade shows, or used outdoors.  Dye sublimated fabrics allow you to create innovative designs which are not possible with other materials.  They allow you to produce signage and displays that stand out among the clutter and capture consumers’ attention.  With so many types of fabrics available to print on like textured and stretchy polyesters, spandex, meshes, and knits you are sure to find a fabric that will achieve your businesses’ needs.
What should we pay more attention to when sublimation printing?
Noticed the temperature factor, stress is also a factor that cannot be ignored. In the process of use, you must keep the whole design of the machine to receive strength evenly in various places. Second, the pressure is too high not too low. Pressure is too high, the thermal transfer paper on the pattern will be distorted, too low, there is no way to good transfer the pattern to surfaces. In use process, the temperature is a decisive factor, each machine has its appropriate temperature. Allows for the appropriate temperature around a certain fluctuation, but if the gap is too big, will greatly affect the final appearance of the product. The temperature is too low, then there was no way to complete pattern on the membranes of the thermal transfer move to items above. But not too hot, the temperature is too high, thermal transfer film on the pattern will be distorted, as well as influence the final effect. Using the principle of thermal transfer film with you as a child playing with map is very similar, are talking film or pattern is transferred to the things on the map. When I was a child played map almost no technical content, put where you want to stick. As a result, this also caused a lot of people an illusion, since using the principle of thermal transfer film heel stick figure is like, it must have this machine is also very simple to use. Actually the fact is not the case, although the principle is the same, but the real application, thermal transfer film in transferring pattern to the item's operation, contains a lot of details, if not pay attention to these details, so often can not reach the expected effect.

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