The differences between KIIAN DISGISTAR ELITE and HI-PRO

“To be or not to be”… the most famous dilemma becomes more intense, if it is necessary to combine productivity and results with the digital media.
The choice of the most advantageous combination is fundamental, in order to satisfy our customer and optimally manage our activity. Therefore, it rotates around the different fundamental parameters, assured by an “Entry Level” ink, balancing competitive price, printing quality and industrial productivity. All this is made possible by the clever matching of advanced raw materials with modern production processes.
It compatible with DX7, Newest TFP printheads, no clogging the head, printing smoothly.
Digital sublimation ink for transfer printing. Ideal for transferring onto synthetic fabrics (polyester), onto rigid substrates (pre-treated) and onto blended fibres (min 80% PES)
Ideal on medium and large format machines, it fully exploits their productive capacities. Speed, reliability and reproducibility of the processes over time meet the criteria of industrial productions.
It has been developed for printing onto light and/or low-coated papers.
Applicable to Epson 4,5 generation  print head.
Can be direct injection can also be transferred to the blended fabric digital printing products
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