What Difference Between Eco-solvent Ink And Solvent Ink?

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Before you dive into a new wide-format printer, you must carefully consider what you want to accomplish and which ink set will help you get there. The cost of ink is a large consideration, but there are also the considerations of durability, adhesion, color brightness and coverage.
There are many varieties of inks available in the digital printing arena, from solvent and Eco-solvent to latex, UV, solvent UV, aqueous (both dye and pigment) and dye sublimation. All inks have a few main components in common: a colorant (dye or pigment) and a carrier liquid. One of the defining qualities is the process where the color is adhered to the material or substrate. Today, this article mainly talk about solvent and Eco-solvent difference. 
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"Strong solvents" or "full solvents" ink refers to the oil-based solution that holds the pigment and resin. Have a high content of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which require ventilation and extraction to protect the printer operators, and many of them retain a distinctive lingering smell on the PVC or other substrate, which makes the images unsuited to indoor use where people will be near enough the signs to notice the smell. 

"Eco-solvent" inks come from ether extracts taken from refined mineral oil, by contrast have a relatively low VOC content and are even usable in studio and office environments as long as there is adequate ventilation. They have little odour so they can normally be used with indoor graphics and signage. They chemicals don’t attack the inkjet nozzles and components as aggressively as strong solvents, so they don’t need such constant cleaning (though some print head brands have issues with almost any and all ink).
Eco-solvent ink allows printing in enclosed spaces without the print technician running the risk of inhaling fumes as dangerous as those of full-strength traditional solvent ink; but don't get confused thinking this is Eco-friendly ink because of the title. Sometimes low or light-solvent terms are used to describe this ink type. 
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