How to choose sublimation ink from various aspects?

As we all know, thermal sublimation printing applications are very broad, especially in the rapid development of the domestic thermal sublimation pictorial technology, in the production of clothing, printing and dyeing, decoration, craft, light industry, gifts, advertising, art, photography, tourism, building materials and other industries Both are well applied. Sublimation inks are numerous and indistinguishable. Nowadays, your options for sublimation ink sets are varied depending on what type of printer you have, which will also determine what kinds of prints and products you can offer your customers. Many people ask me about how to select best sublimation ink? Today we discuss this issue.

1.Heat transfer consumables ink reduction rate
Sublimation transfers the image to the product mainly through sublimation, so the color reproduction rate is more important.
2.Thermal transfer consumables ink particle size.
Sublimation inks with large particles can easily cause plugging of the printer, and the product image produced is not delicate enough.
3. Pure sublimation ink color purity.
For the thermal transfer ink, the black ink is the easiest color cast, so when you select it, you can first print a black color block to see if the color after the transfer is black. This is also an important indicator that most directly distinguishes the advantages and disadvantages of heat transfer sublimation inks.
4. The price of thermal transfer consumables Epson printer ink .
Imported thermal transfer ink is very good in terms of color reproduction and saturation and fineness, but the price will be higher than others.

With reference to the above tips to select sublimation inks, I believe you will be able to choose good quality dye sublimation ink.Our store provide you good quality and lower price sublimation inks,welcome to contact us. 

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