Booming printing solution for textile industry

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Digital Print has grown tremendously in the fashion market. We see delicate details and vibrant colors printed on almost all types of fashion textiles. Even sports people will no longer happy with just the usual stripes and chevrons, they want to attract attention in multi-color printed swimsuits and running outfits.

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We do not know whether the fast-moving digital technology has cleared the way for the popularity of print, or if the technology is eagerly following a demand. We do know, however, that the digital technology has granted us a world of opportunities to create beautiful unique prints, almost on a day-to-day basis.  
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Do you need help to perfect your print pattern? 
Heat Transfer prints can give you the best result. 
Whether project requires digital or conventional printing techniques, transfer will be the right answer. First, we print on the specially coated transfer paper, and then we reprint on fabric at high temperature (sublimation). When the ink meets the high temperature, it goes from solid to a gas and vaporises into the molecules of the polyester fibers.
The right combination of fabric and dye is the first step on the road to a beautiful and durable print. We have specialized in printing on polyester and polyester blends, and we always recommend using the transfer technique for these fabrics.
Heat transfer printing is a two-step printing technique, which involves a dye sublimation process. We work with disperse dye inks which are the only colorant with the ability to sublime.  
The dispersed ink printed on the sublimation transfer paper turns from a solid into a gas without becoming liquid at any time. The process takes place in the calendar at high temperatures.
At the carefully set temperature, the molecules of the polyester fibers open. You may say that the fibers will soften and let the ink (turned into gas) come through.
When removing the polyester fibers from heat after the sublimation, the molecules of the polyester fibers will settle again and absorb the ink completely. This fusion between the fabric fibers and ink makes this technique incredibly reliable. The color is absorbed in the fabric instead of sitting on the surface of the fabric like other textile printing techniques, not faded. 
The color fastness is intact and there is no need for further finishing or washing of your fabric subsequent to the sublimation process. Some specially treated textiles, i.e. however, will become stiff in the calendar and do need washing to obtain their original feel. 
Sublimation transfer printing has established itself as the preferred technique for printing polyester fabrics in the markets like apparel and home textiles.
With such a dynamic technology your imagination is really your limit. The market is still emerging. Consumer likes sublimation printed fabric over traditional printed fabric.

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