Not Replicated Epson TFP print head

Epson SureColor F-Series has been reinvented. The PrecisionCore print head used in the Epson F-Series printer is an exclusive thin film piezo technology head with 720 nozzles per color that delivers up to 40 million precise drops per second. This is double the ink volume of the DX5, DX6, and DX7 heads used in Epson based MImaki, Mutoh, and Roland printers. Epson UltraChrome® DS Ink with new High Density Black maximizes color and quality when used with the PrecisionCore print heads. Epson technology make dye sublimation printing reliable and economical.  

It would be extremely difficult for another company to replicate Epson's PrecisionCore printheads.
That is because only Epson owns the following three innovative technologies that are essential for the manufacture and assembly of MicroTFP print chips, the heart of our PrecisionCore print heads.
*Thin-film piezo technology
*MEMS technology

*Ultra-precision assembly technology
Thin Film Piezo (TFP) technology
A TFP actuator is an extremely thin piezo element formed on a silicon substrate. The piezo element contracts when a voltage is applied to it. This movement provides the power to drive ink, which flows into the ink flow path, from the nozzle plate.
Thin film piezo technology is used to form piezo elements on a silicon wafer in uniform, one-micrometer-thick films. High-quality ceramic crystals that have consistent orientation are formed by sintering using Epson's own crystallization process.
These TFP actuators provide extremely precise control over droplet size and placement and astonishingly accurate prints. That is because their uniform crystal structure means that they maintain uniform displacement when they contract and because the extreme thinness of the piezo film allows for larger contractions and, thus, larger displacement.

Epson manufactures the material for the piezo elements themselves. We also independently developed the chemical reaction process used to synthesize the materials as well as the synthesizing equipment. Having access to the best piezoelectric materials to meet the performance requirements of the piezo elements is a huge advantage for Epson.
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