Why dye sublimation printing superior to traditional textile digital printing?

We all know that the traditional process of production is very limited, the production of printing products want to reach a certain size or the number of enterprises will have enough benefits. The gradual change in the market, the growing demand for consumers, digital printing manufacturers to introduce higher technology so that more consumers like. Digital printing technology is also constantly improving them.
Digital printing manufacturers use digital printing technology and traditional printing technology is also in the challenge, according to the customer's personalized, small batch production, delivery speed, high quality, changing patterns. The traditional printing and dyeing needs of large quantities of production, delivery of slower production mode, not only supplies larger, and there is a certain pollution. Digital printing technology to avoid such a production process.

Now the heat transfer printing manufacturers have not only this way of printing used in the fabric above, such as a cup, plate and a series of products, also used on the printing method, for everyone, we also You can feel the life of the use of such printing products are constantly increasing, which also shows that the technology has a wide range of applications, for our quality of life can bring better improvement and improvement, for everyone to Said that this is also a very high quality experience, and we also look forward to the development of thermal transfer printing manufacturers getting better and better, to be able to play this technology more comprehensive, and in China to create the most advanced printing technology.
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