Why choose dye sublimation printer for you textile business?

You know that print quality is just as important as photo quality? In order to build a successful business, you need to produce quality prints. The best way to ensure consistent, high quality photographs is to hone your skills as a photographer, of course, but also to have the best equipment. When it comes to printing beautiful images, a dye-sublimation printer may be your best option.
What is a dye-sublimation printer?
A dye-sublimation printer uses heat to transfer dye onto subli-paper. This process works to create a gentle gradation at the edges of each pixel, producing a continuous tone.

Great Photo Quality
The dye-sublimation process produces higher quality images than other types of printing processes. Unlike inkjet printers, which lay down tiny individual dots, dye-sublimation printers use heat to vaporize and permeate dye onto paper for a smooth transition of color. The result is a more realistic-looking photograph. Not only are dye-sub photos of higher quality, they are also less vulnerable to fading and other dangers, like water damage, over time.

Convenient Printing
Dye-sublimation printers have had a reputation for slow printing in the past, but things have changed. There are many models of dye-sublimation printers that print at high-speeds and at a high capacity. This function makes dye-sub printers perfect for on the spot printing at events or theme parks. There’s no need to worry about photos getting tarnished by smudges, either. Photos are dry and ready to handle the moment they exit the printer.

Variety Features
Dye-sublimation printers come in many different shapes and sizes. If you need your dye-sub printer on the go, many companies offer compact models. If your business requires a high volume of prints in a short amount of time, a dual deck model may be the way to go. Many dye-sublimation printers produce multiple image sizes and photo finishes. Some are designed specifically for photo booth printing, while others are best suited for event photography and use in a portrait studio.  
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