Dye Sublimation Banners VS Vinyl Banners, Which is better?

Vinyl  banners are a great “cheap” temporary sign solution, although fabric is not a lot more expensive any more. Vinyl looks good at a distance, and most exterior banners are made of vinyl, although this too is in a state of flux currently. Vinyl banners will usually weather quite well and stay looking good for 2-3 years, though I’ve seen them last 10 and still look decent.
Dye-sublimated printing is a heat-transfer process, whereby a graphic is printed in reverse on sublimation transfer paper and heat-transferred while applying high pressure to polyester fabrics. After the paper is printed, the ink/paper is heated to 220~230 degrees and using pressure on the paper/ink/fabric, the ink turns into a gas and “sublimates” itself into the fabric – hence the term dye-sublimation. Compared to direct solvent print to fabric, the dye-sublimation process provides more vibrant colors and a photo-clear definition. Another advantage of the dye-sublimation printing process is that these fabric banners are machine washable on a gentle cycle with mild detergent. You can’t do this with solvent-printed fabrics.

Dye sublimation printed fabric banners have a stellar life span as well, and because the dye impregnates the cells of the polyester or other polyester-based fabrics that are used in the dye sub printing process, these banners have great exterior longevity as well, and can last 20+ years indoors under fluorescent lighting with very little color fading.
Over the past few years, dye sublimation printing has moved out-of-doors to start to compete with other types of printed fabrics like pole banners that at one time were the domain of either vinyl or screen-printed acrylic fabrics.
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