How can we do sublimation printing with Roland RT 640 printer?

Dye sublimation printing is one of the most effective methods for creating a range of customized and personalized products on-demand. This means you can deliver an almost limitless variety of creative and profitable applications that will enable you to extend the range of services you offer to your clients.
Where Heat and Pressure Combine?
Printing is only the first step of the process in dye sublimation. For sublimation to take place, you need heat and pressure.
Successful dye sublimation requires the following process:
1. Print graphics onto special transfer paper using sublimation inks; and
2. Use a heat press to transfer the ink-on-paper to the item you want to decorate.

To ensure correct ink transfer, smooth saturation, and fine image quality, always use a coated sublimation transfer paper with excellent ink-absorption and high-ink release. If you’re planning to use your dye sublimation printer for applications that include everything from apparel to decor and soft signage, you’ll also need the following essential items:

• Computer and RIP Software – First and foremost, you’ll need a computer and software to design and process your digital graphics for printing and to manage your overall print production. Not all sublimation printer manufacturers supply software with their machine. Fortunately, the Roland Texart RT-640 is bundled with ErgoSoft Roland Edition RIP that was created especially to support both 4 color and 8 color sublimation printing.
• Cutting Device – Initially, you’ll need a rotary blade and hot knife for simple cutting of knit materials and for cutting and sealing of woven fabric. But you’ll ultimately need an X/Y table cutter or digital flatbed cutter/plotter for accurate knit and woven cutting and for effective pattern cutting.
• Sewing Device – Apparel and soft signage production requires some sewing and hemming for custom apparel, custom upholstery, banner pole pockets, etc. This requires a manual sewing machine for apparel and small signage solutions and computerized automatic sewing machine for large format joint and hemming.
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