What applications do you need the printer for?

Recently, i met many clients who ask me printer price. when i post one printer picture on my Facebook, they left message to me, "Pls give me your price" "price, price!!". at that moment, i just want to ask him, do you know this printer? do you know what kind ink it use? what function it has? its specific model type? what application does it have? they never know this machine, maybe they're just attracted by my pics, my videos about that, so how to choose the best appropriate machine for your business, it's very important, isn't it?
The necessary research it takes to find the right wide format inkjet printer for your business can seem challenging. There are endless brands and models on the market that all boast the same benefits and capabilities. So how are you supposed to make a decision?
We’re here to help you prioritize your business’ specific needs so you can find the right wide format printer for your application and production requirements. This article details the six most important factors to consider before making a costly decision.But first, we need to ask the most important question related to your need for a wide format printer:
What applications do you need the printer for?
What is the primary reason you’re looking for a wide format inkjet printer? Make sure you consider each application it will be used for. To help guide you, keep in mind that wide format inkjet printers are the equipment of choice for the following applications:Fine art and photography/ Signs and banners/ Vehicle wraps/ Retail displays/ Tradeshow displays/ Textile printing for soft signage/ Like fabric graphics or flags/ Wall coverings/ Like wallpaper or vinyl wall coverings
Tip: If you have multiple applications in mind, it is important to prioritize them and communicate that to the people helping you. You may or may not be able to use the same printer (and ink type) for different applications.Identifying the print application(s) is crucial, because it determines the substrates you’ll use.If you’re intending on making vehicle wraps, you’ll need a printer that works with adhesive print vinyl. If the equipment is for a photography studio, you’ll need a printer that is compatible with photo paper. And so on and so on.And your substrate choices will decide what ink type you need.Ink technology is the most critical part of the selection process because it’s what makes the printer work on the substrate. If you have the wrong ink chemistry, your materials won’t take to the ink properly and you’ll be out of luck.
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