How to Customize Flamingo sublimation cushion cover?

Sublimation printing is one of the most sustainable textile printing processes. Much has been written on the basic environmental advantages of this process, but to recap the major reasons- sublimation printing creates zero waste water, uses harmless water-based inks and papers that can then be easily recycled. 
The first step to materializing this look started with the fun task of selecting patterns and color combinations. select favorite designs and palette, which was then turned into fabric samples. It was at this point she perfected the details with minor color alterations, and sent the revised work off for its finishing process. The final fabric designs were then sent through sublimation inkjet printer where dye was printed onto sublimation paper. 

This sublimation paper, along with the fabric, was then worked through a rotary heat press situated in what we dubbed on the day, ‘the cosy room’ – a nice spot in winter we’re told, but not so comfortable in the middle of summer! Here the pattern was bonded to the fabric at 230⁰C and the completed fabric look realized.

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