How to print t-shirts with transfer vinyl film? (2)

heat transfer prints
Are you thinking about starting up a custom T-shirt shop using heat press vinyl? Or maybe you’re already in the sign and graphics business and are interested in expanding to garment decoration using t-shirt vinyl.
In either case, you’ve probably wondered  how the T-shirt vinyl process works and what you need to get started decorating apparel. Wonder no longer. We’re here to give you the scoop.
Contine with the last news, this news will discuss the next steps. 
heat transfer vinyl
Step 3: Weeding
Using weeding tools (e.g. hooked weeding pick, curved tweezers, exacto knife), lift and remove the border around the design, leaving the text and symbol attached to the backing paper. When starting weeding, it is usually possible to gently but firmly pull a large piece starting at one edge and moving across the design.Then remove any filler pieces (e.g. the center of an "O", top of an "A", etc.). Visually inspect the full design before moving on to the next step.
Step 4: Place Stickers on T-shirt
Lay the t-shirt flat with the back side facing up and smooth it out. Depending on how you positioned your design, you may want to cut out the symbol to be able to place it separately from the text.Place the vinyl onto the shirt with the sticky side down and press with your fingers to smooth it out.
heat transfer vinyl
Step 5: Press
Open the heat press carefully and place the t-shirt onto the platform with the vinyl stickers facing up. Close the heat press and wait the required amount of time (for the heat transfer vinyl I am using, it takes 15 seconds at medium pressure). Open the heat press and carefully (the shirt will be hot!) remove the plastic sticker backing from the top of the vinyl.
Step 6: Washing Instructions
Washing instructions:
Turn garment inside out.
Machine wash COLD with mild detergent.
NO bleach.
Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines.
Do not dry clean.Instructions apply to the material only, please follow garment washing instructions as well.

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