How to print t-shirts with transfer vinyl film? (1)

heat transfer film for tshirts
Are you thinking about starting up a custom T-shirt shop using heat press vinyl film? Or maybe you’re already in the sign and graphics business and are interested in expanding to garment decoration using t-shirt vinyl.  we can summarize this process as below:
Weed it, cut it, flip it, press it, peel it
heat transfer vinyl
Step 1: Transfer Digital File to Vinyl Cutter Computer
In our Lab, the vinyl cutter connects to a computer via a USB cable. You will need to email the Illustrator file that contains your design to that computer or use a flash drive to transfer it. 
Step 2: Cut Out
Your Design Make sure the vinyl cutter is on. Load vinyl into the vinyl cutter. Set the origin point of the blade near the bottom-right of the vinyl to minimize wasted material.
The t-shirt heat press takes about 10 minutes to heat up so make sure the heat press is on and set to the correct temperature (for the heat transfer vinyl we are using, the heat press should be set to 305°). When the vinyl cutter is finished cutting out your design, advance the vinyl and use scissors to cut the design off of the vinyl roll. Double-check that the design is mirrored (e.g. text and symbols should appear backwards) before moving on to the next step. 
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