Expo Review: 2018 APPP IN SHANGHAI


The 26th Shanghai international Ad & Sign Technology &Equipment Exhibition has finished on Saturday. APPPEXPO - the biggest International Advertising & Sign fest in the world, which attract so many customers, whatever from domestic or Foreign countries, whatever buyers or suppliers, more potential business opportunities and more stronger competition there. 
shanghai appp expo
Feiyue inc
Feiyue inc
Driven by digital technology, the traditional equipment products are crossing each other between the new media and field and having weaved a boundless network. These cross points are different kinds of new products, applications and programs. By touching them, you can accurately grasp the future development trend of this industry.
Always focusing on this, APPP EXPO is exploring the best solutions through the communication with many industry professionals. APPPEXPO looks forward to working with you to explore the "intersection of advertising and new technology", the integration of display advertising products and new technologies as well as finding out how to expand the new boundaries of advertising in the future.
The large data resources of this exhibition will promote the unite forces of new technologies applying in the global advertising and sign industry to form the sharing of global technology equipment, industrial resources and user’s purchasing power to create a one-stop sourcing platform in global industry chain; bring new international opportunities and challenges for global exhibitors, together with buyers and users from both China and abroad.  
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