The History of Heat Transfer Press

The heat transfer press first started to appear years ago in the days when there were still independent sports shops and dedicated t-shirt shops. They were used to apply letters and numbers to sports clothing (primarily football shirts), and to create "on-the-spot" personalised t-shirts for customers while they waited. They removed the need for the retailer to use the services of a screen print shop because now they could customize customer's orders in-house and on-demand.

This also meant that the retailer could hold a much lower stock holding than before, as each item could be printed as it was ordered, and would not be committed to a design until sold. And as the market grew larger, heatpress manufacturers naturally started a process of evolution – both improving performance and adding extra bells and whistles.

   In today's market there is a press to suit every commercial requirement, and what's more, some of them are now very sophisticated and are computer controlled. All presses achieve the same end – it's just that the extra refinements and additions make the process easier and more efficient.
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