Do You Know Today‘s Digital Printing Development?

It seems that the principle of good enough applies to modern digital printing. Today’s low-end digital printers produce elegant output. This is possibly not good enough for the experts but more than adequate for most people. At the same time eBooks are growing in popularity with the iPad being a bigger seller for Apple today than the Laser Writer was 25 years ago.It is possible that monolithic ink jets will replace laser printers or laser printers may continue to improve and see off competitive technologies as they have for the last 25 years

There seems to a be a movement to services. This often goes under the name of Managed Print Services and is predicated on the proliferation of printers through offices that end up being expensive to maintain. This may amount to a new industry or possibly new software will emerge to do most of the work as it has with all other aspects of digital printing.
If the next 5 years are like the last 15 years then there will be more movement to software and cheaper products will continue to move upwards and replace more expensive products. People want to print less and to reduce costs and help the environment and this is going to be done with software.

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