T shirt transfers for unique designs

For t shirts that you want to design yourself, you can find transferpaper in a local department store or arts and crafts shop.T-shirt transfers are one of the most unique ways to express yourself. Transfers can be created by using your own digital photos or by purchasing ready-made templates to transfer onto the shirt. Either light or dark transfers can be used for black or white shirts or various colours. It all depends on personal preference.
T shirt transfers designed using bling are more popular than ever and make a unique fashion statement. This type of transfer is easily applied by using a hot iron. Follow the instructions included on how to iron on a perfect transfer to a shirt. If you don't want to design your own transfers, you can find designs that can be applied to shirts that you buy with images from a company gallery. Glittery t shirts are a great gift for a birthday, special event, or the holidays.

You have to click on the art icon to get started, then click on various icons, depending on what your word processing program features. To determine if the design is what you want, you can preview it prior to printing. You can experiment and move the photo around until it's placed where you want it.
If t shirt transfers are to be used on light coloured shirts, use light transfer paper, or dark paper if the design is to be created for a dark collared shirt. The designs may be created on your computer using word processing software that has a feature to create artwork.

T shirt transfers can also have text added to them. The word processing program should have a text feature so you can add your text using the font that appeals to you. The capital "A" on the art program is used to add your text. The paint icon will add the colour you choose to the text. Make sure that you reverse your photo and text so it will be viewed properly when printed. The draw icon on the program will accomplish this for you so your transfer is perfect and ready to print out. To be certain that the design is exactly as you want it, it's a good idea to do a "test print" on plain paper before printing on the transfer paper.

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