The Evolution Of Printing

 Printing is one of those inventions that have revolutionized our world, and though it is now done with very different methods from those used by Luther, it remains one of the fundamental practices in our society. 
 None of us could imagine our daily lives if printing had not been invented, but for us it is a phenomenon so obvious that we do not even notice it. From newspapers, books, the covers of magazines, of books, dictionaries, clothes, down to the different labels, printing is an art that pervades our entire day. Of course, for each of these moments are used different techniques, as well as printing equipment used are very different.
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   For example, serigraphy or screen printing is an artistic printing technique of images and graphics on any material or surface through the use of a fabric (fabric printing), by depositing the ink on a support through the free areas of tissue. The term "screen" comes from the Latin word "serious" (silk) and the greek "grafein" (write or draw), given that the first fabric that served as stencils were of silk. The artisanal and industrial screen printing as a technique has been adopted also in the artistic and business field since the early twentieth century. In trade it is mainly used to print images on silk fabrics, T-shirts, scarves, hats, CDs, DVDs, ceramics, glass, polypropylene, polyethylene, paper, metal and wood. The typography is instead the technology to produce printed text using a grid of movable or inked plates. By extension, it also indicates the factory where the action is explicit, and the craft or industry related.
   One technique that has been widespread in recent years is that of flexographic printing. This is a printing process that has recently experienced a remarkable development, suitable for the production of newspapers and flexible packaging film, plastic, paper and cardboard. The flow of flexographic printing is identical to that of offset printing, but the arrays are flexible and soft material (rubber and resin polymer) and can be created directly from the computer or through films.
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