Something you don't know about fabric printing

   A recent development has seen the introduction of two environmentally friendly compostable and biodegradable fabrics called Gossyp (cotton) and Chorus (jute). Printing on fabrics that are compostable and biodegradable is becoming more and more important as landfill taxes continue to rise and not forgetting that polyesters fabrics can of course be recycled. This is especially important for those companies who are aware of the growing demand for more green products.

   Printing fabrics using dye-sub water-based direct to polyester textiles requires complex chemistry applying to the fabric to ensure the printer gets the optimum performance from the ink, machine and rip used. This will then give high definition, brilliant strong colours and when required for flags excellent print through, for all types of printing on fabric.

   Although dye-sub printing polyester fabric probably produces the best results advances in UV inks means that results have improved dramatically in recent years. The inks have become more flexible making suitable for textile printing. In addition to this Latex ink technology also means that these inks are suitable for textiles. This is further evidence of the importance of fabrics for digital printing where textile is replacing traditional media such as PVC. Machine and ink manufacturers have responded well to this challenge by adapting machines and the inks.
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