Better to understand dye sublimation for business

     Dye Sublimation is a relatively new printing technique and only suited for 100% white (or very light coloured) polyester garments or fabrics or items that have been coated with an appropriate polyester film.

     In dye sublimation special dye-inks are used to print the artwork onto a specific paper. The paper is placed on top of fabric or object in a heat press and is typically heated to 200C for around 1 minute. The heat converts the dye on the paper directly to a gas. The “fibres” of the fabric or film which have opened up under the heat absorb the dying gas. When it cools down the fibres close back up and the dye is locked into the fabric or film.

       The key advantage of dye sublimation is the access to full colour reproduction and as this is a process of dying there is no print sitting on top of the fabric or object.The main draw backs being the difficulty in obtaining consistent and accurate colour reproduction and being limited to 100% polyester fabrics.
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