What Should We Pay Attention To When print on elastic fabric?

Dye Sublimation Printing is an innovative print processing that is an upgrade to the conventional screen printing of graphics onto fabric substrates. I have written several posts about dye sublimation specifically on making custom fabric banners, and most discussions are based on frequently asked questions. Basically, this is an online guide for those who want to know more about fabric banners and dye sublimation printing.
While it is possible to sublimate nylon at low temperatures, there are many types of nylon and they react differently to dyes.
There are some nylon fabrics that are pre-treated with additives to help with dye absorption, and the ones most commonly used in textiles are nylon. The latter, nylon, can be harder to dye, because it has a higher melting point at 265 C. Nylon  has a melting point of 215 C. we should use high density sublimation ink and tacky sublimation paper for Nylon.
There are a lot of mixed reactions online. Some printers claim that nylon will take on a more light vintage print, while some say that it can be even more vibrant that polyester. Some say that dye retention is great after washing while others say there will be transfer. However, there is a tendency for the dye to oxidize in the sunlight, which will fade over time.
So why nylon instead of polyester? It all comes down to what the fabric is being used for. For performance, polyester has better moisture wicking properties and pilling resistance (nylon absorbs more water, stays wet longer, and will impede breathability). The great thing about nylon is that it lasts longer (when dry) and it is much softer, smoother, and stretchier; as silk substitutes, nylon is great for hosiery and knitted garments.

If you believe nylon is still the better option for you, the key is to test, test, test. Each fabric blend must be tested to determine whether it is suitable for printing or not, as well as what temperature and time works best. So for your next sublimation printing project on nylon, let us help! So when Summer is coming and nylon sublimation is perfect for swimwear!
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