Differences between Promotional and Textile

Sublimation Promotional VS Sublimation Textile
Sublimation is a technique for transferring images by heat, used both in the promotional area, as in the festive area (special events and parties), and even in the personal sphere. In fact, personalization is considered one of the strongest points of this technique, due to the facilities it provides when stamping being the solution of many niches that are little exploited, but that tend to be very lucrative.
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Those who already work in the sublimation business, often focus their activity only on the promotional field, in many cases for being the most economical and easiest to develop. However, the industry and economic activities that are currently developing, point very significantly to textile development using the technique of sublimation.
We know that printing complete shirts requires more effort due to the addition of new techniques in addition to the known ones, but in many cases it becomes the most effective solution and guarantees greater production. In fact, it is more "easy" to print than to sew (make), in the case of shirts with complex arts such as sports or corporate uniforms, because with sublimation you get results that amaze and that, with another technique, is of greater complexity.
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On the other hand, the printing of rolls of fabrics with unique designs is also possible thanks to the sublimation, since with it subsequently bathing suits, sports clothes and uniforms are made.
Being able to ensure that this technique, offers endless possibilities and languages ​​that can be made, depending on the topicality and speed with which fashion develops today.
Differences between Promotional and Textile
Between the promotional sublimation and the textile there is a remarkable difference; for the second, it requires an investment in larger equipment such as plotters, large-format heat presses and calenders. Although, the promotional item ends up being more accessible, the textile item does not stop being lucrative in relation to this one and by a lot.
More specifically, textile sublimation allows the creation of exclusive pieces, demanded today by the market, which leads to an increase in income in this sector.
Fashion designers, clothing brands, sports teams, schools, companies, government entities, are potential customers that can be captured for the finished product of textile sublimation.
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