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Where did sublimation printing technique come from?
This technique began with its application in promotional products, solving the need that existed to print products such as jars, PVC-based products such as key rings, various cases, polyester textiles, mouse pad, etc.
In this way colors are obtained with greater intensity, more alive and resistant, being able to support washes of up to 80 degrees if the composition of the garment allows it without the impression undergoes any alteration.
In order to carry out this process of sublimation, the roll of paper that we have previously printed is placed in a calender, which is the one that will apply the necessary heat and pressure to be able to complete the stamping. The calender contains a steel cylinder with oil inside it at 200 degrees which is what makes the sublimation ink transfer from the paper to the fabric itself, becoming part of the fabric itself. This means that the durability and resistance of the stamping is total, to such an extent that before the design we have stamped deteriorates, the garment itself will deteriorate.
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Advantages of the sublimation process:
The possibilities are endless, ranging from textile products such as T-shirts, sportswear, street uniforms, babys to school backpacks, as long as they contain a minimum of 75% polyester.
There will be an image with bright colors and high definition. The ink sublimation printing achieves beautiful and permanent colors that are embedded in the substrate or fabric, instead of being printed on the surface.
It does not deteriorate: the ink has chemically fused with the fabric. The images on the fabric will not fade or crack, even after several washes. Images on hard substrates will not splinter or peel.
It is imperceptible to the touch, it does not weigh and it has a perfect transpiration.
Different fabrics and products. It allows the Colleges, School Groups, Congregations and Educational Foundations to add digitally customized graphics on clothing, fabrics, promotional products and much more.
The ever-growing popularity of fashion and sports clothes opens up new opportunities for day-to-day sublimation. This rapid and effective digital printing method is replacing traditional screen printing practices for smaller volumes of production, as well as for jobs that require multiple colors and photographic images.  
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