Why Oil-filled rotary heat press more popular?

The Oil Filled Drum Rotary Heat Press versus the IR or electric heat press units win out every time. Save yourself a lot of money and resources and get the best first and don’t take the cheap shortcut when buying a rotary heat press for production.
Oil filled rotary heat press units offer the very best in Uniformity across the drum width, as well as Consistency during long runs and short runs, which means that you get Repeatable results and provide The Highest Quality for your production equipment investment! Generally, 100% oil filled drums are more Efficient and can save on electricity costs over the long run. 
The diameter of a rotary heat press drum will relate to how much productivity you can run per hour through the press. In the case of the Sublistar oil filled rotary heat press drums, the standard rotary drum size of the Sublistar-2012 & 2017 units are 200mm or about 8”. Generally, the heat press temperature runs at around 400 degrees F and the time in the belt is about 30 seconds.
The little units are great Entry Level production machines and are built on a substantially more robust frame than the smaller Korean or Asian units that have smaller frames and use electric heat for the drum. When selecting a rotary heat press, we work closely with you to choose the right size heat presses for your current and future production needs. The Sublistar-2012 has a nice 48” full nomex belt and the Sublistar-2017 has a wider 67” nomex belt. These are perfect matches for the Epson and Mutoh printers in the 42-44 inch range and will work quite well with the 64” wide Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and Epson dye sublimation printers. Sublistar has put a lot of the really cool features inside the cabinet of the entry level unit that are used in the more industrial strength versions, so this is a great benefit.
Here are some basic starting rates of production in respect to Sublistar-2012 and Sublistar-2017 drum sizes; A 200mm or 8” diameter drum size yields about 1.65 feet/min or 98.4 feet per hour running 0.5 m/min. This press can also be used for Heat Fixation of any direct to fabric printer!
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