How to solve it when discharging defects?

In general, if you use an inkjet printer under normal conditions, there will be no blockage, but many users will not follow the instructions completely. For example, if the original ink cartridge is used, the price is not cost-effective, so they change ink by themselves, and the color, blur, and missing of the printed image may occur. What's more, some people bought the printer and seldom use it. They put it on the shelf. When it was necessary to use it for a while, they found that the nozzle ink was dry and could not be printed at all. So below, the author has shared with you the experience summarized in the past few years. If your printer wants to fill the ink, or if there is a similar nozzle blockage, how should it be solved?
When using the printer, it was found that the printed font was sometimes incomplete and there was a missing phenomenon, which was also a problem that occurred after the ink was charged. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. 
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One is that when refill ink, the print head is accidentally broken, resulting in incomplete inkjet (some ink heads do not have ink); the second is that the ink you purchased is  poor quality, the ink droplets are relatively large, or Containing impurities, blocking the print head; The third is that when the ink is filled, the air enters the ink cartridge, causing bubbles in the ink, and the ink does not flow smoothly; finally, the ink may have dried up due to the long-term placement of the ink cartridge, then block the nozzle.
First of all, in the first case of damage to the inkjet head, we have no choice but to replace it. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid mechanical shock and vibration when replacing ink cartridges, filling ink, and daily use. For the second case, we recommend that when filling the ink, filter the ink and then fill it in the ink cartridge. It is worth noting that when filling the ink, do not puncture the filter inside the cartridge to prevent the broken fibers from mixing into the ink and clogging the inkjet head. The solution to the third case is relatively simple. We just need to shake the ink in the cartridge evenly. For the fourth case, we can clean the ink head, provided that you first check if the ink has run out. Then use the printer's internal cleaning program to clean the printer's inkjet head, which usually solves the problem. If it doesn't work, we need to use an external cleaner. 
All in all, simply speaking, some tips as below, you can try. 
1. Clean the wiper and the ink cap.
2. Cleaning and wash print head 
3. fill up ink 
4. check printing environment 
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