How to store your ink within expiration date?

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How to store your ink? 

Your ink and toner can only be guaranteed within the expiration date if it is stored and used properly. As soon as you purchase your ink or toner keep it in a cool, dark place. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 24 degrees Celsius, never below 10 or above 35. Avoid leaving cartridges in hot cars for more than a few minutes or in warehouse spaces that might get cold in the winter.
Direct and bright sunlight or heat can damage the ink or toner. For inkjet ink cartridges, this can dry out the ink or turn it to a sludge-like consistency. For laser toners, this can cause the toner to fuse within the cartridge or damage its photosensitive properties. As it is a powder, moisture should also be avoided with laser toners.
If you typically store your cartridges in storage cabinets or closets, ensure space is free of gaseous cleaning supplies such as ammonia or bleach. These chemicals can degrade the composition of the ink or toner and reduce the shelf life.
Finally, if you have an inkjet printer that is used infrequently, make sure your ink doesn’t dry out. Inkjet ink can dry out in as little as three or four weeks. For infrequent printers, simply remember to turn your printer on regularly to allow a cleaning and prep cycle to run. Otherwise, you may simply wish to print out a sheet at least one weekly.
If you use your printer frequently but have plans to leave it unused for a few weeks, you may want to store your cartridge in the meantime to prevent it drying out. To do this you can store the used cartridge in a zip lock bag along with a damp sponge. Simply wet a sponge and wring out until it no longer drips, then place in a zip lock bag with your cartridge and store in a cool dry place.
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