What's the advantages of Full sticky sublimation paper?

Full sticky sublimation paper is one type of sublimation paper, the difference is that it has a tackified coating. The tackified coating will be activated by heat. After the tackified coating is activated, it will adhere to the textile very firmly, so after the transfer is finished and when you lift the press up, the paper will still firmly adhere to the textile, it prevents the paper and textile from moving, the ghosting will not occur. 
The tacky sublimation paper is mostly used in stretch material such as Lycra, the stretch material has a elastic, it is much easier moving during the transfer. But even though you are using the stretch material , doesn’t mean you still need to us tacky sublimation paper, that depends on the heat press machine. it’s the best development for anti-ghosting sublimation paper. 
As a Sticky Version with Tack, this specialty paper will adhere to the fabric during transfer which will eliminate ghosting or loss of details due to textile shrinkage or movements in the transfer process.
Therefore, it will help you reduce production errors and increase the quality of end products. 
Manufacturers using flat-bed presses will also benefit from the TACK as it eliminates issues such as “floating” when the heat press is opened.
Advantages of sticky sublimation paper:
  • No more defective substrates.(no cloudy patterns & no blurred images)
  • Reduce waste to an absolute minimum.
  • Fast drying time as good as it get.
  • Ideal for sportswear, garment, banner and flag manufacturers.
  • Transfer rate is 95%
  • Eliminate”ghosting issues” caused by paper shifting or fabric shrinkage.
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