Advantages of oil drum heat transfer calendar

This roll to roll heat transfer machine is mainly used for the purpose of coil sublimation transfer printing ink, multi-layer composite material mounting, flannelette or thick material hot drilling.
What about features of rotary heat transfer machine?
1.To protect workers hand into the roller (when they are working)
2.Correct the deviation of blanket automatically,intelligent adjustment.
3.To avoid the scissor damage the blanket
4.Correct the deviation of conveyor automatically,To avoid damage the conveyor because of the deviation.
5.The Blanket fled the roller completely,About 8cm distance.Don't need cooling when you want to stop the machine,More save energy and To prevent the blanket burn out.
6.Machine have explosion-proof equipment,More safety.
7.The Blanket synchronously forward and backwards automatically,More save manpower.It can also adjust by hand.
Machine advantage:
A. automatic device for deviation and correction of Blanket and conveyor belt
B. conveyor belt's heat dissipation is better
C. added a small tank for oil, oil is more convenient and safe.
D. the machine parts was improved, and also the quantity of the shelf.
E. heating tube is more, Motor is larger, and Pressurized cylinder is more stronger.

Its suitable for sublimation transfer T-shirt, large banners, flags, non-woven fabrics, apparel   fabrics, blankets, towels, mouse pads, scarves and other products in the piece,
especially the roll fabrics need to continuous print.
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